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Customized analyses
for near real-time decisions

Ein Computer zeigt cronetwork BI und Big Data

Key success factors on the road to the smart factory are targeted data analyses and reliable key figures in real time as valid decision bases for continuous improvement processes.

cronetwork offers you flexible possibilities to conduct systematic and user-specific analyses and evaluations, e.g., to recognize and visualize cause-and-effect principles and to derive appropriate measures.

cronetwork and all systems integrated via interfaces continuously generate data that is stored in a central database. cronetwork BI tools enable the balancing act between the enormous amount of data and customized data processing for the decisive information advantage from management to the worker. However, we are also happy to support you in integrating your MES data into your existing BI landscape or big data solution.


“Our KPI cockpit provides an overview of whether individual processes are within a target deadline. This means that, if necessary, we still have the opportunity to intervene at short notice and take action.”
Thomas Riedler
Manager Technical Services
E. Hawle Armaturenwerke GmbH

Your benefits

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Customized evaluations from management to the shop floor

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Overview and decision support via graphical data preparation

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Range from preconfigured reports to customized presentations

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Uniform data base & authorization concept for all analysis tools

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Release-safe data integration in your existing BI landscape

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Web-capable for mobile access to live data via any browser

cronetwork Business Intelligence & Big Data

Reporting & Operative BI

The operative BI tool PIDO (Production Info Data Objects) enables a view of short time horizons and is therefore also a source of context-oriented information for production employees. With the ad hoc query tool, you can analyze your day-to-day business and directly support your business processes.

Reports can be created easily and without in-depth expert knowledge via drag & drop. In addition, the user can directly intervene at the operative level via his evaluations and can adapt data. The lists, reports and expert reports created with PIDOs can be easily inserted as building blocks into the cronetwork Portal, sent automatically, or stored in the file system.


  • Full integration of cronetwork PIDO in the application
  • Direct interaction between individual reports and MES functions
  • PIDO reports can be queried via Web services, be delivered for visualization, or processed further in common formats


The easy-to-use tool for monitoring key performance indicators (e.g., system availability, system performance, quality, energy) enables you to react promptly to irregularities.

Employees can configure individual cockpits for their area of responsibility and thus receive a continuous overview of their measured variables in real time. cronetwork offers you flexibility regarding the configuration of key figures and the visualization options (e.g., in portals, cockpits, BI, terminals, mobile devices).

Detailed information such as disruption reasons or scrap postings can also be called up at any time with a click, and context-related analyses can be conducted with the cronetwork PIDO module.


  • KPIs enable measuring and controlling performance and economy
  • E-mail alarms on overrun/underrun of limit values
  • Uniform KPIs due to central definition based on accepted standards such as VDI and VDMA

Data Warehouse & Strategic BI

cronetwork ETL Connector lets you transfer data from cronetwork directly into your data warehouse or strategic BI tool. Also, it lets you select which information is provided by cronetwork and the transfer interval based on a standardized metamodel.

cronetwork Warehouse Web Services also let you retrieve relevant data from cronetwork and integrate it into your data warehouse or strategic BI tool in a release secure way.


  • 100% release-secure due to standardized metamodel
  • Simple and targeted access to cronetwork data
  • Full integration into your existing BI landscape or big-data solution

QlikView Connector

cronetwork QlikView Connector lets you select information provided by cronetwork and its transmission interval based on a standardized metamodel.

QlikView Connector consists of two components: the cronetwork-to-QlikView Adapter, which can be obtained from Industrie Informatik, and the QlikView-to-cronetwork Adapter, which is available in the QlikMarket.


  • Easy creation of QlikView evaluations due to transfer of data model
  • 100 % release secure due to standardized metamodel
  • Economical and quick implementation due to intuitive configuration interface
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