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From the concept to the scheduled update

We are committed to partnership with our customers right from the start. From the conception phase, to software implementation, to ongoing support and regular updates, we set standards and support you in word and deed. In your project we think conceptually from the beginning and advise you comprehensively. You can rely on our almost 30 years of experience in our core business, Manufacturing Execution Systems!

“It is our responsibility to maintain an overview of even the most complex customer projects, to harmonize existing processes and to support successful implementation.”
Markus Stollberger
Head of Solution Design, Industrie Informatik GmbH


Forethought instead of paying the price

Together with you, we lay the foundation for a successful MES project with a well designed concept. This means that we think holistically right from the start and provide you with comprehensive advice. Nothing is neglected, and critical success factors are highlighted. Your needs are clearly the focus of our attention. With this approach we save you and us nasty surprises in the implementation phase and lay the foundation for a long-term partnership. Important factors in the conception phase are the following:

Functional scope
The modular structure of cronetwork MES allows step-by-step introduction of individual modules such as Scheduling Board, Plant Data, Machine Data or Personnel Scheduling, or the complete implementation of the entire suite. Later extension scenarios are also taken into account here.


Nature of implementation
Together we design the system introduction for your company. Depending on requirements, conditions and infrastructure, we rely on a pilot installation, live workshops or other variants.


Adjoining systems and processes
In most cases, an MES is integrated into an existing, comprehensive system and process architecture. All these islands must harmonize and optimally merge to a homogeneous system landscape. We support this with comprehensive data openness and easily parameterizable interfaces to your existing systems.


Underlying technologies and hardware
The modern cronetwork underlying technology allows many variants for the design of a system architecture. From local installation, to virtual servers, to operation in the cloud, we have all the options. Equally important is the correct selection and dimensioning of hardware components (servers, clients, scanners, mobile devices, etc.).


Project dimensioning and assessment of costs
With an early, realistic estimation, we make it easier for you to get an overview of your project and the associated costs. Our information is based on many years of established experience of our employees. You can rely on us.


Requirements specification & performance specification
We will reply in detail to your specifications or invitation to tender and also offer a presentation of our solution. Alternatively, we will be happy to assist you in drawing up a requirements specification. When it comes to performance specifications, we also go into detail: requirements that are not covered by our standard are defined here and implemented individually and are 100% release-ready.


Targeted implementation of your requirements

Your project is taking off! In a smooth transition, we turn the requirements specification into an MES prototype. This is provided with real master data and interfaces to your ERP system and machines. Our experienced and highly trained consultants create a real MES working environment by configuring settings, parameters and processes – without any programming effort. Interactively, you develop a feeling for the full range of functions and the customized operation of cronetwork MES in your company. Only after this test phase does the real implementation of the production system begin.


Your central contact
Our project manager is the central contact person for you and your concerns. Only employees with many years of practical MES experience and the associated know-how serve in this position at Industrie Informatik. They always maintain an overview, but also see the decisive details. You can rely on us!

Ein Mann und eine Frau in der cronetwork academy


Any software system is only as good as its users

Due to extensions in the software, changed processes and requirements, or personnel turnover, our users have their own individual training needs. We train cronetwork key users to such an extent that they can parameterize the system independently. Our training offer is as versatile as cronetwork MES itself. Web demos as well as ad hoc and individual trainings are only a part of our cronetwork training program. The core is the cronetwork Academy, which has been established for many years.

The cronetwork Academy is a central training element for many of our customers. The extensive course program enables you to acquire basic knowledge as well as advanced skills. The one- to two-day courses take place in groups of four to twelve people at our headquarters in Linz.

Support & Service

We are always here for you

In our self-image we do not see ourselves as a software dealer, but above all as a service provider who is at your side in word and deed when required. We treat your inquiries on a high level with regard to quality and content, including on the telephone or by remote maintenance. You are directed to a contact person who knows his field. Anonymous call centers are no option for us. Experienced experts from consulting and project management are also behind our hotline.

Our client hotline is available for you:
+43 732 6978 – 11
Monday – Friday
06:00 – 18:00

The cronetwork user community extends from north to south and from east to west, from the USA to South America, via Europe to Asia and back again. If required, our tried and tested employees will support you directly on site and in the usual high quality of Industrie Informatik. We will certainly not leave you stranded in need!


Always at the cutting edge of technology

Our update & release policy is as unique as it is clear. All extensions in cronetwork MES are adopted into the software standard and are 100% release-ready. Customer-specific functions are also adopted and are retained in every new version of our software.

Regarding new versions: As a cronetwork user, you benefit from a regular software update every year. Thanks to our 100% releasability, you can update without any concerns or loss of older functions. This works with any previous version. You need not install every release to remain updateable at any time. The update process remains lean and simple thanks to the well-designed release policy and conversion efforts. Trained key users can even perform this process themselves without our help.

That is what we mean by protecting your investment!

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