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As a production enterprise, you face the challenge of merging employees, shop floor and new technological possibilities and transforming these to a functioning digital image of your production. In collaboration with you, we implement your digital ecosystem that is tuned to your individual requirements.

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“Only the right approach and competent implementation partners can we achieve the merging of industrial and digital worlds and so ensure and enhance a long-range competitive edge.”
Dipl.-Ing. Bernhard Falkner
CTO, Industrie Informatik GmbH

The next step toward the future

Today’s decisions impact on your future success. Our modern economy is shaped by digitalization and its accompanying global networking. Highly dynamic markets and continuously changing demands on industry confront production enterprises with new challenges. Here the new possibilities & technologies of IIoT must be applied profitably and the right steps must be taken toward future-safe production.



cronetworld: connecting industry

This Manufacturing Execution Platform enables you to combine and orchestrate all (production-)relevant software systems, technologies, applications, etc. to an all-round production platform. The basis is an open interface and communication level that enables problem-free connection of peripheral and external systems.

In addition, cronetworld gives you the necessary flexibility that you need to align your production flexibly and quickly with the dynamic digital world and secure your competitive edge.

cronetworld: All at a glance

Your digital ecosystem
All your systems in a 360° manufacturing platform

Maximum interoperability
due to open interface and communication level

Flexible factory
due to extensive customization options within the software standard

Predictive Analytics
due to artificial intelligence & big data

Reduced Time2Solution
due to low-code technology

Reduced Time2Market
due to highly optimized production processes

due to the quality seal “powered by Industrie Informatik”

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We are implementing a solution store for your cronetworld, like the one you know for smartphones. You will be able to download applications, microservices and complete workflows from our Solution Store.

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cronetwork Gateway extends the connectivity on the shopfloor and enables extensive communication of various systems and services (e.g. IIoT) on the one hand and the seamless, innovative integration of our cronetworld components into your entire solution portfolio on the other.

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In the future, you can quickly and independently meet new demands upon your system landscape via low-code development without high-effort hard programming.

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The holistic cronetworld philosophy unites shop-floor applications from your own software forge with the technologies of carefully selected partners and their know-how.

Despite all the new possibilities, humans remain the hub of production. In the end, any system is only as good as its operators.