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Five facts about our release philosophy & update strategy


One of our biggest distinguishing features in the MES market: Thanks to 100% release readiness, Industrie Informatik guarantees that all customers with a maintenance agreement will enjoy continuous and easy-to-use technological and functional progress.

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100% release readiness safeguards your investment

Our release policy is as unique as it is clear. All enhancements and adaptations in cronetwork MES are fully incorporated in our software standard — and 100 % release ready. This also includes customer-specific functions, which are retained in each new version. Through this community idea, all customers and industries benefit from each other.


Annual release with some 200 new features at no additional cost

cronetwork users can expect a regular annual software release, which they receive free of charge thanks to the maintenance contract. Interim subversions for project-specific program enhancements are freely available every 6 to 8 weeks, so that adaptations do not become a show stopper for the project at any time.


Simple update keeps you at the latest state of technology

The update process is deliberately designed to be simple and, if necessary, can even be performed by the customer himself. Thanks to the 100% release readiness, the update can be performed quickly and without loss of older functions, because updates do not represent new introductions. Skipping release versions is also possible without any problems. All users always remain at the cutting edge of technology and have a stable MES product portfolio.


More transparent release life cycle for a relaxed look to the future

As part of our transparent release policy, the release timeline is available to our customers. At a glance, this release life cycle timeline shows our support for the associated base technology version of server and client operating systems, database and application server, client run time, smartphones, etc. It also contains further information on the life cycle of connectors as well as “powered by Industrie Informatik” solutions. In addition, our roadmap provides an outlook on features and product enhancements over the next three years.


Customization and Release security are not contradictory

cronetwork offers flexible and fine-granular customization options paired with complete release readiness and security. Examples of this are intelligent data objects & portals that enable custom operative interfaces according to the building block principle. A wide range of standard visualizations and flexible customization options up to pixel-perfect reporting and HMI/Scada interfaces guarantee specific interface designs. In addition, individual processes on the shop floor can be orchestrated using the latest bus technology, and custom mobile applications can be created using low-code development.

Anita Peherstorfer
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