Coordinate orders, keep track of machines, increase quality - data-driven flexibility & efficiency in production with smart MES software

Discuss the technical challenges and solution strategies for the flexible and efficient use of Manufacturing Execution Systems in discrete manufacturing at the SMART MES conference in Berlin.

  • How can manufacturing processes be planned and controlled close to the store floor?
  • How can relevant data from the production process be made usable?
  • How does MES increase productivity and quality in manufacturing?

Experience concrete projects and real use cases at Germany’s largest MES event for production managers, plant managers and manufacturing IT of all company sizes, from corporations to hidden champions.


How you can use MES, production planning and the cronetworld manufacturing platform profitably and take the next steps towards future-proof manufacturing will be answered by Industrie Informatik during the diverse lecture program and at the exhibitor booth.

Discuss the topic with Dietmar Binert (Sales / Business Development) and Wolfgang Haginger (Head of Sales) during the Challenge your Peers session:

Cross-system traceability to comply with the Product Liability Act or THE “extended” manufacturing pyramid

  • How is traceability even possible in a heterogeneous IT system landscape?
  • Couldn’t 7-digit amounts for provisions be put to better use?
  • Standard or vision – Which has the higher priority?
  • How can the history of safety-relevant articles be traced without gaps?
  • How can fast access to product development documentation or product monitoring be ensured?

When: 27.06. from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m.

When :: 26-28 Juni 2023
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