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Enter the gate to the World of Smart Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry must become more digital!

Many companies are already on the way to the Smart Factory, because competitiveness wobbles if decisions in favor of implementation are left out for too long.

The question is not “If?” but “How?” and “What’s next?” after the go-ahead.

This is where the experts from Industrie Informatik can help. 

Step-by-step to the Smart Factory

Requirements, approaches and also the speed of implementation of a Smart Factory project vary from company to company. MES provider Industrie Informatik meets this high degree of individuality with a modular product approach. Thus, it is possible to implement cronetwork MES step-by-step or to realize an all-encompassing total solution.


Designing solutions as “portals”

“What if I could decide for myself which information sources make up my work interfaces?” – Industrie Informatik developed its own technology to meet this customer requirement. The goal was to create the balancing act between processing the enormous data volumes of a production operation and their targeted preparation as a basis for work and decision-making – and to do so quickly, customized and yet always updateable. The cronetwork portal revolutionized the interface to the user and prepares information precisely and flexibly. From simple dashboards, to operative worker cockpits, one can decide from which data sources the user interfaces are composed. In the new Solutions Store from Industrie Informatik, tried and tested software modules – known as “solutions” – can also be downloaded and installed independently. This gives users access to years of experience and process knowledge from production IT with just a few clicks. “We guarantee constant growth of the offering,” says Industrie Informatik.

This also means that pegboards and Excel spreadsheets have had their day. Visually prepared planning scenarios help to make targeted decisions in a dynamic corporate environment. For example, production and planning orders can be transferred from the ERP system to detailed planning. AI-based planning algorithms of the next generation enable unimagined optimization potential in this area.

cronetwork MES Software von Industrie Informatik - Optimiert auf PC, Laptop & Tablet.

Step-by-step connection

Using cronetwork gateway technology, existing systems and services can be connected to Industrie Informatik software products. Different applications and technologies, whether internal or in the periphery, can thus communicate directly with each other. The innovative technology enables a step-by-step connection in line with the company’s development speed and paves the way towards the Smart Factory.


Open interfaces – best possible use

And suddenly they all speak the same language. With cronetworld’s platform technology, all (production) relevant software systems, technologies, applications can be brought together. Regardless of whether the systems are internal to the company, peripheral or external. This “inclusive” philosophy is refined with a “best-of-breed” approach. This means applications close to the store floor from our own software forge, mixed with technologies from carefully selected partners.


Release capability is a top priority

Time-independent, reliable and equipped with additional features – this is how industrial customers want their software updates. Industrie Informatik therefore guarantees an annual software release with new functions and features. The time frame for the release is individual, individual release cycles can be skipped or made up for later, and most importantly: even after the update, previous software components remain completely intact!

How to achieve a Smart Factory step-by-step

Assessment of the current state & target definition

After a thorough evaluation of the current manufacturing process in order to identify weaknesses and potential for improvement, realistic targets for the conversion to a Smart Factory are defined, e.g. with regard to higher efficiency, cost reduction or increase in product quality.

Planning & Design of the Smart Factory

Design a concept for the Smart Factory that takes into account clear requirements, concrete use cases and realistic goals. This also includes the selection of suitable technologies and partners in order to get the maximum out of your own production with customized software solutions.

Infrastructure implementation

The implementation of the Smart Factory infrastructure includes the installation of sensors, software solutions and other digital technologies required for the automation and monitoring of manufacturing processes.

Integration of IT and production technologies

Unrestricted connectivity of the various systems and technologies facilitates standardized data exchange and open communication between the individual areas. As a central data hub, modern MES solutions or manufacturing platforms form a unifying layer across all relevant systems.

Employee Education & Training

Qualified knowledge carriers pay off!

Early involvement of the workforce and training on the new technologies and systems in the Smart Factory create the necessary employee acceptance and make a significant contribution to the success of the changeover.

Monitoring & Optimization

Digitization is not a one-time task, but an evolutionary process. Continuous monitoring, ongoing optimization and the evaluation of new technologies ensure that you continue to exploit the full potential in the future. Targeted data analyses and reliable key figures form valid decision-making bases for continuous improvement processes.

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