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So what are the benefits? :: What does an MES have to offer


Added value and testimonials overview

Before launching a new software project, the obvious question is: What is it worth? There is no question that establishing a Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) or a manufacturing platform can create substantial optimization potential. Aside from a massive efficiency boost in many areas, it combats issues such as bad timeliness, excessive stock, unproductive activities, high setup times, low transparency or instable processes.

Quantitative and qualitative benefits

The positive effects of an MES introduction are as diverse and individual as each company itself. Owing to the different framework conditions and complex contexts, it is neither practicable nor respectable to put a general number on the quantitative benefit. It is not possible, under these conditions, to universally apply the percentages which our customers have reported after their MES implementation. For example, these range from a 10% productivity increase, 15% improved timeliness, 20% stock reduction to a 40% setup time reduction.

Therefore, the following aspects should be considered when evaluating the added value

  • transparency through real-time data
  • reliable decision criteria
  • maximum flexibility
  • meaningful numbers
  • releasability & standard interfaces
  • realistic scheduling scenarios
  • reduced workload thanks to high usability
  • homogeneous IT landscape

where a qualitative evaluation can be carried out instead of a quantitative and monetary evaluation.

The most compelling evidence for the benefits of an MES implementation are the testimonials by customers from different industries of discrete manufacturing:

Industrie Informatik is a strong digitalization partner with 30 years’ experience and implementation strength in international projects whose main project goal is: to help all the stakeholders within the company and each employee understand the benefits of introducing MES and to add direct value – from the production staff to decision-makers in IT and manufacturing to the works council. This is the basis of the success of our joint projects with our customers.


Which individual benefit do you want to achieve? We will be happy to advise you in person!

One MES – many added values

Transparent production

An MES provides the necessary transparency that allows potentials to be uncovered. As an information hub in the manufacturing environment, cronetwork provides precisely the insights that are needed on the way to the Smart Factory – right down to the individual part level. The result is stable processes, higher production quality and early – often autonomous – intervention and correction options.

In addition, you will always be able to answer questions such as when, where, by whom, under which conditions and using which materials production took place. Powerful interfaces to machinery and ERP extend the radius of transparency along the entire value chain.

Reliable decision support

Your future success will strongly depend on how flexibly and efficiently your production company can adapt to market dynamics. A professional MES solution such as cronetwork gives you a clear view of your current production status. Decisions, whether by a production employee or a managing director, are based on valid information and clear facts. This increases your reaction time and drastically reduces the need for discussion.

You can concentrate on the essentials and advance your business development. This is what we mean by efficient production!

Optimal use of resources

Today more than ever, industrial companies face challenges such as rush orders, ever smaller batch sizes, and fluctuations in demand. In addition, resource availability and resource requirements fluctuate greatly. With cronetwork MES and its flexible modules and solutions, you can harmonize personnel, suppliers, machines, materials and your intralogistics. This enables you to optimize your inventories, increase plant availability, optimize personnel deployment, and create transparent work in progress (WIP). All these advantages guarantee maximum delivery reliability for your customers and help to ensure your economic success!


Probably the most important effect for you and your company is that the comprehensive cronetwork functions offer immediate benefits for almost every employee. Individual users or entire user groups have different requirements in terms of time, granularity and presentation of functions and information.

Together with you, cronetwork MES manages the balancing act between ease of use and maximum customization, always in compliance with our standards.

Why you should choose Industrie Informatik as your MES provider

With its cronetwork and cronetworld product lines, Industrie Informatik GmbH has forged a position as a leading manufacturer for MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) or Manufacturing Execution Platform in the central-European market. The module-based MES software offers technologically advanced solutions in the areas of Scheduling Board, Plant Data and Machine Data (PDC, MDC), Personnel Time & Attendance and Project Time Input, Incentive Pay, Employee Services, Tracking & Tracing and Intralogistics.

Here, our services range from design and the launch to the support of an operational MES system. Your company will benefit from our many years’ experience. Cronetwork MES or the manufacturing platform will make your production more efficient and your processes more transparent! This is our promise to you – for more than 30 years!

Wolfgang Haginger
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